Big Snake Found While Morel Mushroom Hunting

One beautiful spring day we took the family Morel Mushroom hunting which is something we love doing every spring. Just as we found the first mushroom, Joni found a black snake about 6' away from the Morel. 

The snake was approximately 4' long and a 1" - 1 1/2" in diameter. Pretty much black with maybe a lighter colored underbelly. We are't sure what kind of snake it was. Doesn't quite look like the pictures of the Black Racer snake. 

We didn't disturb the snake other than to get a little bit of video and a picture or 2. 

After checking our 2 secret spots we found a total of only 4 morel mushrooms. Hopefully better luck next time!!

About the author 

Jonas Troyer

Jonas Troyer is the founder of Unlimited Whitetail Hunting. He's a father of 6, loves to hunt and fish and spend time in the outdoors with family. He is also the owner and founder of Troyer Websites and Troyer's RV Rentals.

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