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The Boonetown Deer Mineral Story

Boone Town Mineral is a supplement and mineral hybrid for deer! All the ingredients are natural with no additives. 

Every bite of Boone Town is a bite of antler building mineral and protein! We also have seven percent fat in the mix which not only gives the deer a healthier all-around body but helps does with better milk production.

A bigger, healthier doe creates and nurtures bigger healthier fawns. Think of a newborn button buck starting out with the most protein in his system from day one, versus one that struggles until it’s big enough to be on its own and it is obvious that Boone Town Mineral will give the buck the best chance at healthy growth. That one- or two-year-old looks like a three- or four-year-old because it had the best before it was even born.

Deer antlers grow and thicken based on the deer’s health. Antlers are the product of extra nutrients left over when the body has already used what it needs. We know a lot of people like to feed deer corn, but corn takes a long time for the deer to digest. If the deer feels full, it will ultimately quit eating. If a deer isn’t eating, it’s not putting protein in its body.

A lot of food plots are greens and other grains that are easily digested encouraging the deer to just keep eating. With Boone Town you will see the same thing, but deer will not leave it alone! It’s highly attractive to deer and typically they will find a new mineral site within a day! The record is only fifteen minutes!

The deer have been known to visit the site multiple times a day and have even been known to bed beside it. If you’re looking to create a haven for deer nutrition and activity, then no property is complete without Boone Town Mineral!

The Deer Love Boonetown Deer Mineral!

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